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                      Tel:021-57276611  57275500  57272727
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                        SHANGHAI RAYBON MACHINERY GROUP was established in 2003, when the establishment of a single production of water pumps, after several years of efforts to form a water pump, water supply and drainage, motor, control cabinet and environmental protection equipment and other products. Enterprises in the long-term training for the pilot, the power of science and technology innovation.
                      Founded in 2010, the group company, and Shanghai, and other well-known universities in the scientific research departments to establish a close cooperative relationship. ...<More>
                      Intelligent box pumping station
                      Box pumping station
                      Box pumping station
                      Box pumping station
                      Box pumping station
                      Fire equipment
                      XBC Fire pump
                      XBD horizontal constant pressure tangent fire pump
                      XBD multi-stage fire pump
                      Fire pump

                      Link:SHANGHAI RAYBON MACHINERY GROUP

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                      Shanghai Raybon Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. 

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                      Add: No.211 Tongye Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai
                      Tel:021-57276611 57275500 57272727

                      Zip code:201500 E-mail:robon@133sh.com

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